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Are you looking to start a side hustle or grow a design business? Would you like to turn your creative passion into additional income or a business that doesn’t compromise your own creativity? Having navigated these waters myself, I understand the delicate balance between artistic integrity and entrepreneurial success. That's why I created The Business of Branding, to journey alongside you.


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What is The Business of Branding?

The Business of Branding is a 6-week online course made just for creatives looking to create an additional revenue stream or grow their own boutique branding business while nurturing their creativity. Over the course, we'll dive into creating the right offers, finding your perfect niche, refining your own brand, understanding the branding process, embracing your creativity, marketing and self-promotion strategies, money mindset, and making plans for future growth.

Think of it like this: just as plants need the right care to grow, your design business needs the right strategies and support to thrive.

Whether you're just starting out or looking to give your current business a boost, this course offers the steps and support needed to move your business forward. It's all about mixing your love for creativity and design with actionable business strategies to make sure your branding services flourish.

Over 6 weeks, you'll work through 6 straightforward modules. You’ll get easy-to-follow video lessons, advice from 6 industry pros, monthly Q&A sessions, and you'll be part of a community of creatives, all on the same journey as you.

Ready to grow? Join The Business of Branding and let's build the business you've always wanted, together. If I can do it, you can too!


From Sunday blues to creative freedom

Are you trapped in the cycle of dreading Mondays, yearning for freedom, and seeking a purposeful direction in your career? Dive into The Business of Branding and unlock the strategies that allowed me to curate my work, find my tribe, and reclaim the time for my passions. Discover the path to a fulfilling design business where you're not just working but thriving and creating on your terms. Embrace the joy of waking up inspired, choosing the clients and projects that resonate with your ethos, and living a life that's truly aligned with your aspirations. I'll guide you every step of the way.

Hi there!

My name is Cynthia Oswald

I’m a mama, artist, entrepreneur, and branding specialist. Since 2005, I’ve been working with businesses to bring their goals to life through brand, print, and web design.

Ten years ago I quit my full-time Director position to pour into my own business and creativity. I replaced my income within a year and never looked back. Through trial and error, investing in my education, and aligning with my network, I’ve attracted my ideal clients and built the business of my dreams. And, you can too! 

I’m ready to share everything I’ve learned. I want to save you from the struggles I faced and help you embark on your own journey with ease. Because helping others live into their potential brings me so much joy! Let’s put my blend of right-brain creativity and left-brain analytical skills to use and let me help you fast-track your way to success!



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what students are saying

This course helped me define and refine my goals & offers. Cynthia's support helped me gain confidence to forge ahead. The walkthroughs are fun and full of gold nuggets. 1000% WORTH IT .

- Michelle Lin Studio


What you'll learn

By the end of this six-week journey, you'll have the skills and know-how to:

Turn Your Passion into Profit:

Learn how to transform your unique skills and interests into a viable business that doesn't just pay the bills but also fuels your soul.

Own Your Niche:

Discover how to carve out your own space in the crowded design world by defining your unique selling proposition and appealing to a community that shares your passion and values.

Craft an Authentic Brand:

Develop a compelling narrative and visual identity that is not only marketable but also deeply aligned with who you are and what you stand for. Plus, apply these skills to help your future clients do the same!

Execute Marketing Strategies:

Grasp the essentials of the most effective ways to market your services, whether it's through SEO-optimized content or targeted social media campaigns.

Gain Wisdom for growth:

Dive into crucial financial facets of your business, from efficient invoicing and bookkeeping to setting and achieving budget goals.

Master Client Relationships:

Equip yourself with the techniques and tools to find your ideal clients, communicate effectively, and create lasting professional relationships.

Course Timeline

All lessons, live Q&A's, and guest experts are recorded and stored in your course library and drop on a weekly basis.

Course Details

Explore a comprehensive blueprint to transform your passion into a thriving brand design business.


what students are saying

“I just love how organized and student-driven the lessons are. What a great teacher!”

- Luri A.

Why choose this course?

With this course, you're not just enrolling for business advice; you're gaining a roadmap crafted from years of firsthand experience in building a design business that's both profitable and authentically satisfying. I understand the delicate dance between creative vision and business strategy. As a creative entrepreneur with over a decade of proven success, I offer you a unique blend of strategy and inspiration, equipping you with a comprehensive toolkit to grow the business of your dreams.


Guest Experts

Learn from industry experts, each one is bringing specialized insights from their field to each module of the course to elevate your business and brand journey.

Briana Elliott

Dubsado + Operations Specialist

Join Briana as she shares her time-saving methods to deliver a stellar offer while keeping your sanity. By focusing on setting up your Client Management System, you'll understand how to make your life easier while communicating efficiently with your clients. Briana is a Certified Dubsado Specialist and a believer in creating margin for yourself to thrive while you sleep—or while you're out on maternity leave!

koree ritter

Brand + Marketing Consultant

Join Koree as she guides us through the art of brand strategy. She'll help you understand your brand game-changers, like your Mission, Vision, Values, and Unique Selling Proposition—so you can stand out and make meaningful connections with the clients you're called to serve. You'll leave this training with the next steps ready to make your brand resonate like never before (+ a ChatGPT bonus)! 

tina crespo

Brand Photographer + Artist

Join Tina as she walks us through visual storytelling for your brand. By focusing on what inspires you, you'll get inspired to curate beautiful images to tell the story of your brand. She’ll also be walking us through her pro tips for working with a professional photographer. This training will leave you inspired to tell your brand story through professional and engaging visuals. 

emily mullet

Artist + Community Leader

Join Emily as she shares how to create authentic connections in a digital world. By focusing on genuine ways to attract your people, you'll gain simple techniques to apply in repeatable ways. You’ll develop guidelines for naturally communicating your personality and business strengths over social media and email. The goal of this training is to enable you to establish confidence with your clients before they even reach out to you.

Carissa Bordeleau

Owner of Bordeleau CPA & Surface Designer

Join Carissa as she empowers us with the knowledge behind setting effective business goals. She will share the why and how to set clear financial projections by outlining the key components and walking us through the meaning and impact of each. By focusing on historical data, key performance indicators, and business drivers this training will enable you to set realistic goals and measure them for business growth and success.

alissa nieli

Agency Owner + Brand Expert

Join Alissa as she guides us through solid leadership strategies and her best kept secrets for developing solid client relationships. She’ll share technical strategies, such as developing content for social media, as well as assessing the pain points of your ideal customer. With her years of experience working in a large agency and building her own agency, she’ll be sharing with us a wealth of knowledge and pro tips that can help us continue to grow. 

What Students Are Saying

"Before I took this course, I did not have the confidence in myself to believe that I could start a small business and gain a business-savvy mindset. Cynthia's individualized, custom advice and lesson plans took me step by step through the process, and was not once too overwhelming. She listened to my individual dreams and offered genuine, heartfelt support from one creative to another. Because of this class, my small business is launched and I am hopeful to watch it grow.

- Emily Tucci


Frequently Asked Questions

The Business of Branding is now open for enrollment!

what students are saying

“Prof Oswald’s overall knowledge of the subject certainly makes class enjoyable, but her personality and omniscient artistic knowledge and digital) makes her unique in an entirely positive manner. The care she puts into her job is clear throughout every class, and her ability to help students and make time for them is unmatched. She’s fantastic!”


- Undergraduate student

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  • 50+ video lessons
  • Monthly Live Q&A's + replays 
  • 6 guest experts
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  • Course community open through the end of your 6 weeks!
  • 30-minute one-on-one coaching call upon course completion!

Payment Plan


Three installments

  • Instant access to the course community 
  • First module available upon purchase
  • 6 modules releasing over 6 weeks
  • 50+ video lessons
  • Monthly Live Q&A's + replays 
  • 6 guest experts
  • Lifetime access to the 2024 course materials
  • Course community open through the end of your 6 weeks!

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Make Your Money Back Right Away: In the first module we deep dive into creating the perfect offer and that is intentionally placed there to help you get started making your investment back immediately. Sell one project and you've already made your investment back plus some!

what clients are saying

“Cynthia took the time to really understand my concept and to make my vision a reality. She exceeded my expectations not only with the final product, but with the ease and organization of the whole process. I would recommend Cynthia a hundred times over. She is well worth the investment!

- Kristin C.


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We're confident that you'll find incredible value in our course. If you're not 100% satisfied within the first 14 days from the start of the course, simply request a full refund, no questions asked. Note that course access begins on October 9, but you'll gain immediate entry to our community forum with starter prompts to engage you right away. Within the 14-day period, you'll be able to assess the first two modules to determine if this course is right for you.


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Tired of the stifling grind and yearning for a fresh circle of creative collaborators? With The Business of Branding, step into a world where Sundays are filled with anticipation, not dread. Create your design business, curate projects that feed your soul, and embrace the flexibility to shape your days. This isn't just about business; it's about rediscovering passion, purpose, and the joy of creating on your own terms. Your dream venture awaits. I know that it's possible for you and I want to guide you through the process and be the person that I needed in my own business when I was just getting started. 


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